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CE marks are required by law on all glasses used where drinks are sold by measure. Inspiration Ltd. is authorised to apply these marks as part of the printing process. Most commonly used marks are the imperial pint and half-pint measures but we can calibrate and mark glasses with metric equivalents where appropriate. All glasses marked by ourselves comply with UK and European directives.

Many of the glasses available in our range are available with Nucleation, a pattern micro-engraved in the base of the glass to increase the effervescence of the served product and maintain the head retention of carbonated drinks - soda, beers, lager & ciders. Bespoke nucleation is also with your logo!

Toughened glassware is far less likely to break under impact and will not produce sharp shards and edges when it is broken. The glass is designed to shatter into small fragments, think about a car windshield, which are comparatively safe to handle and unlikely to cause damage or injury. Organic ink is used to decorate our toughened range, its available in 1 - 4 colour prints. The print is dishwasher resistant to around 500 cycles. However factors can effect this and note its not fully scratch resistant. Best of all we don't charge any extra for toughened glass!

Glasses printed with this effect have the appearance of having been engraved with the design. Being a semi transparent ink, the beverage is visible through the design and is our most popular product range by far. 

90% of our glassware is printed with one colour. As well as being extremely cost-effective it is a simple solution to getting your brand noticed and can lend itself to both simple and bold designs.

We offer multi-colour print options on the vast majority of our glassware and our use of the latest technology equipment ensures accurate, consistently high-quality results even on toughened glass!

For the ultimate in branding solutions, we offer full-colour transfer decoration on all our glassware (or other items such as bottles shown above). Ideal for pinpoint registration and artwork containing photographic content. Specialist inks ensure long-lasting vivid colours and smooth, high-quality results. But please note this can not be applied to toughened glass.

Why not consider printing the base of you glassware? Your brand or message is viewed through the bottom of the glass as the beverage is consumed and can be an effective and unusual addition to traditional decoration on the side of the glass.

We use the internationally recognised Pantone© Colour System for standardising printing ink colours used in our factory. This ensures an accurate reproduction of colour from original design artwork to the finished product. Organic inks can also be mixed to a PANTONE, but please note we cannot guarentee a perfect match.

We are able to use temperature-sensitive inks which change colour when hot or cold liquids are poured into the vessel. Very effective with ceramic mugs as an apparently blank mug will display a logo or message when filled, or an existing message will change.

A superb quality and cost-effective solution to reproducing short-run full-colour artwork onto a range of ceramic mugs. Ideal for clubs, teams or family celebrations where a maximum effect can be achieved with a low minimum quantity.


It is impossible to list the very many shapes and sizes we stock, firstly because it is so large but also because we are constantly updating it as new lines become available. Everything from the not so humble pint conical beer glass (our number one best seller) to the more exotic range of cocktail, wine and spirits drinkware. A growing field is the specialist craft ale glasses which are designed to display bespoke ale to its best advantage and present a pleasing head. We also offer glasses in toughened and non-toughened options together with standard or bespoke nucleation.


We are happy to supply your glassware in individual bespoke boxes or of boxes of 12, 24 or in other combinations where available*. We are also able to label packaging with a product code for ease of identification in your warehouse. All glassware leaves our premises shrink-wrapped onto standard size or euro pallets and we use trusted delivery services to ensure you receive your goods in perfect condition.

*Minimum quantities apply.

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