Component Print

Tampo Printing
Also known as Pad Printing this method employs the use of a flexible pad to transfer the image to the item. This means that print can be successfully applied to curved, uneven or difficult-to-print surfaces. Suitable for printing onto practically any surface including glass, plastic, wood, metal, and concrete.

Screen Printing
There are thousands of applications where screen printing is ideal. These include printing onto fabrics, clothing, glassware, ceramics, metals and plastics. Screen printing is also used to produce the printed transfers which are then applied to glassware. The dashboard of you car and the control panel of your washing machine are probably screen printed as well as your local football club's kit and even the logo on the football itself!

We Print Anything!
We will always provide a print solution for any need. Our designers and print professionals have very many years of experience and whether it means building a specialist jig or formulating a specific ink we are here to help you through every step of the journey from concept to finished product.

High Quality
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to maintain consistently high quality throughout the course of a project's journey through or factory. What's more, we'll keep you informed of progress and advise you when delivery can be expected.

All Shapes, All Sizes
From the smallest component, about the size of an aspirin tablet, to the largest, a section of electrical control equipment, and everything in between, we can handle it.

Any Volume
From a simple one-off prototype or sample to many hundreds of thousands produced on time to coincide with a national advertising campaign, we regularly meet these targets and many satisfied clients have come to rely on us.

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